What is a Changelog and why your business needs one ?

What is a Changelog ? Blog Poster

Changelog is a chronological description of notable changes made to a project or a software product or business. They are listed to summarise the changes that were implemented on a project during its development process. It holds particularly true in today’s times when constant updates are being made on websites, applications and softwares, it is also essential to keep the customers updated.

Developers can keep track of the evolutions in their working projects. In open-source projects, Changelogs can throw light on recent project updates.

Is Changelog different from release notes?

Yes. Release notes are lengthy text documents that go into a detailed account of the new versions of a software product. Also, they have in-depth user guides. Changelogs help iron out bugs.

 Changelog as a SaaS

Since maintenance of Changelogs takes considerable time and effort, many companies opt for Changelogs as SaaS. The changes can be made either manually or automatically as Changelogs. Also, Changelogs do not need to follow any standard format. Different Changelog providers are evolving with several features.

Changelogs must be placed effectively on your website, such that your visitors need not have to look for them. Customised Changelog widgets fit with the look and feel of your website. You can use it for sharing new content or announcing new updates and features.

Spruce up your Changelog widget with visual elements to keep your visitors glued in. You can include videos and catchy images to make your announcements that make your visitors coming back for more. Too much text alone will drown the visitors, and they might end up missing the latest updates.

The language on a Changelog must be personal and must also engage with the visitors. Introduce new features and updates in a way that customers could understand about features and how it can impact them.

 Some of the Important aspects of having a Changelog:

  • Changelog must chronologically summarise all changes on the project. It serves as a conduit between the current  version of your project and its earlier avatar.
  • Changelog must be easily understandable by all project developers and users.
  • Changelogs can help build teamwork and creates confidence in the stakeholders of the project.
  • Changelogs are maintained with point-wise listings. Long-winded paragraphs are not used. They must be in a readable format with points and easy visual formatting.
  • Changes in the software must be pointed out as it is created for users.
  • But the changes must be in short descriptions so that the users have an insight of the changes made.
  • Some Changelogs also carry the names of those who had made the changes.

Typical Changelogs for software development include:

  • Table of contents
  • Version numbers for the software
  • Newly-added functionalities
  • Improvements on existing functions
  • Removal of deprecated features
  • Quick links to sections
  • Bugs and their solutions
  • Notes

 What is the necessity for businesses to have one?

Tandora Changelog is a unique Changelog SaaS developed by our team in India. Our product offers a Changelog that you can embed as a widget in a website. The Tandora WordPress plugin allows for simple and quick installation in WordPress. Tandora Changelog can also be integrated with third-party apps through Zapier. The following categories of information can be updated on Tandora Changelog:

  • Alerts
  • Announcements
  • Information
  • Notifications
  • Product updates
  • Release notes

You can signup for Tandora Changelog and avail several features, like full customisation as well as an embeddable widget. Data backup will be available during your subscription period, and you get a public page with five major categories.

Create your customised Tandora Changelog widget to fit your app. With Tandora Changelog, you can seamlessly integrate with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google Sheets. Ideal for small and medium businesses.

Features of Changelog

There are many Changelog SaaS products and their features are available in Tandora as well. Being a pioneer, privacy options are available as well, so that you can also publish private Changelog.

You can also include Multiple design elements to your Changelog news feed along with customisable CSS. Also, it can go a long way in increasing your brand presence and making your product stand out from the others.

We also offer WordPress plugins and embeddable widgets. Multi-language customisation is also available to support localisation. You can also create a custom public page with all your latest updates. Regarding announcements, we focus on target specific groups of visitors that are based on demographics or geolocation. New posts create automatic push notifications on Tandora.

Keep your Changelog updated regularly, to serve its purpose.

Also, If you are a student, teacher, or a non-profit organisation looking for a Changelog tool, we have huge discounts available. Sign up here and send a mail to support@tandora.co with supporting documents.

Also, check out our engineering section to know more about our engineering best practices and processes.

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