What is a Chatbot and why your Business needs one?

What is a Chatbot ? Blog Poster

What is a Chatbot and why your Business needs one?

A chatbot is a virtual bot automated to perform specific tasks.They are trained to perform a specialised task and its technique is known as artificial intelligence.
AI chatbots adapt to the user needs, hence are called intelligent. Chatbots are more than just computer programs.
It is a way of providing interactive user experience along with relevant responses.

Why your Business needs a Chatbot?

  • Chatbots operate round the clock unlike manual support operating on fixed business hours.
  • They can bring relevant answers instantly within seconds.
  • They can also answer most FAQs and repetitive questions swiftly.
  • Reduce manual work in providing customer service by assigning the repetitive tasks to bots. Chatbots allow efficient management of customer queries at one place without spending on customer care executives.
  • Improve user experience by staying in touch with your customers. Boost customer engagement using intelligent chatbots.
  • Chatbots can communicate with multiple visitors / customers at a time, unlike humans. As a result, companies can increase their handling capacity.
  • Also, they reduce customer’s waiting time, thereby decreasing their anxiety and increase their satisfaction.
  • They are also cost effective starting with $299/year which can be fully customised to meet your business needs.
  • They are very efficient to create leads and increase potential sales for businesses.
  • Chatbots can be fully customised and re-programmed anytime with no maintenance required from your end.
All the above functionalities are offered by our in-house product Tandora Chatbot

Tandora Chatbot:

Tandora Chatbot is a fully customisable AI chatbot that can be customised individually for every business to meet their business needs.
Some of the features of Tandora Chatbot include:
  • Dynamic Scripting – Customise the bot’s flow and also responses according to your business needs.
  • Readymade templates – You can provide multiple choices for the visitors to choose options to proceed with the flow.
  • Customisations – Chatbot’s look and feel can be customised matching your business theme.
  • Integrations – Chatbot can be connected with your database or with any third party software that you use for your business.
To signup for Tandora chatbot, check out this link tandora.co/chatbot

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