What is a Knowledge Base and Why do you Need One?

What is a Knowledge Base and Why do you Need One?

What is a Knowledge Base and Why do you Need One?

What is a Knowledge Base?

A Knowledge Base is a self help portal where all the commonly asked questions / documents related to your product / service are collated and stored. In other words, it’s a repository of all the internal / external information needed for customers / employees related to your product / service offered.

A Knowledge Base tool is an ideal solution to minimise your support queries and reduce the waiting time of your customers. Ideally suitable for customers, it can even be used by your employees for internal reference.

How does it differ from a normal FAQ Page?

A Good Knowledge Base tool offers complete customisations over the tool. Normal FAQ pages come in a single page or section which would’ve been customised by the website developer while building the site. Once the site is published, the FAQ page remains the same forever. Every time you need to make changes, you need to rely on the developer.

Knowledge Base on the other hand, is a simple user intuitive tool. Any layman can edit and make customisations instantly. More importantly it comes with SEO, social media sharable options. Any changes made will reflect instantly on the Knowledge Base tool. Most importantly, it can be sub classified into multi brands and multi categories.

Why do you Need KnowledgeBase tool for your Business?

Improve your documentation process by setting up a proper Knowledge Base for your company. That helps your employees to record & document all the information related to your product as well as the service offered.

Onboard customers easily with the self help portal / knowledge base portal where customers can refer while onboarding your product / software / service offered.

Reduce customer waiting time by setting up the most commonly asked questions in the knowledge base portal which customers can easily refer and resolve their concerns.

Improve efficiency of your product / service offered where the customers use your Knowledge Base to effectively use your product or service offered rather than dropping off, thereby reducing churn rate.

Reduce your support bandwidth who answers repetitive queries. By setting up the KnowledgeBase portal, support team can handle other concerns that needs attention.

Make the KnowledgeBase portal as a SEO friendly one. By doing that anyone can search for the details related to your product or service offered directly from search engines.

Tandora KnowledgeBase:

Tandora KnowledgeBase software allows you to build self help portal and FAQ pages for your website / product / service to promote self help thereby reducing customer queries.

Also, Tandora aims to be a customer centric customer support software suite. Their other products are Tandora Changelog and Tandora Chatbot.

It also integrates with the other two products to offer a complete customer engagement and customer delight experience.

Tandora KnowledgeBase pricing begins at $299/year which is comparatively less priced than the ones available at the market.

Also it is built out of multi tenant architecture, refer here to know more about it.

You can check for more details related to Tandora KnowledgeBase here

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